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Zion Temple Christian Academy Back to School Welcome Letter

We are so excited to welcome all our students back to school this week! School starts Wednesday, August 16. This week your children will learn that God made all things for His glory. We will be looking for God’s glory in all things throughout our entire school year. Be sure and ask your child daily what they learned.

Here are some reminders for our first week of school:

Child must bring their lunch to school daily with them.

Everyone is excited about the new school year so when you are coming and going to your vehicle hold your child’s hand. 
Bring your child in the build. Also, the pickup person must be 18 or older. Anyone picking up your child must show identification.
Park in a parking space. Not on the side of the building.

Sign In and Out
All students must be signed in and out daily by parents or pick up person (See your child’s teacher for this information.). This applies to before and after school watch also.

Before and After Care Watch 
Parents must register their children in the Before and After Care Watch to attend.

We look forward to your support as we help all students to start the new school year with happy, caring, and confident energy, while recognizing and building upon each other’s strengths. Parents, join us as we nurture the love of God, joy and belonging in our work and our learning this year for everyone at Z.TC.A.!

Thank you for entrusting your children to us. 
Zion Temple Christian Academy Preschool Department

Zion Temple Christian Academy has been blessed for the past 40th years and we continue to be blessed to have a staff who loves the gift that God has giving them with a passionate to work with children and families.

Let’s take a moment to introduce our preschool staff to you.

Preschool (3 years old) Teachers

Mrs. Paula Anderson
Joined the preschool staff last year. Mrs. Anderson taught in the elementary department here at ZTCA, but she quickly learned how to work with the preschool department. We look forward to seeing what God has in store for her this year!

Alicia Napier
It is a blessing to introduce Ms. Alicia Napier to you. This is her first year with us. Ms. Alicia once was a student here at ZTCA. We are looking forward to her sharing God’s grace and love with the students and parents of ZTCA! 

Preschool Staff will introduce themselves to you soon.