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Philosophy of Zion Temple Christian Academy.

The philosophy of Zion Temple includes the realization on the part of every teacher and administrator that:

1. The intellectual growth of the child is the major end to be accomplished by our educational program and at  

    the same time allowing for the physical, social, and emotional growth.

2. The classroom and school environment should be stimulating and enlightening.

3. Our society has every right to expect that these specific outcomes of education will be evident in our pupils.

     A.  Growth in good social habits, such as self-reliance, dependability, courtesy, and respect for self and

           property of others.

     B.  Growth in fundamentals skills, such as reading, writing, arithmetic, and spelling.

     C. Individual development - along the lines of his or her unique ability.

Objectives of Zion Temple Christian Academy

1. A Christian-based curriculum is provided for a well-rounded education.

2. A computer literacy program is provided for all grades.

3. To provide opportunities that will help enable the pupils to develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, and


4. To promote high self-esteem in the pupils.

5. To provide opportunities to develop pride and patriotism in the pupils.

6. To provide opportunities to explore the "World of Careers."

7. To inspire self-control through godly discipline based on effective teaching, common sense, and the  

   Word of God.